Maine Loses Population in 2013

Chart Showing Change in Population 2013

Today the U.S. Census Bureau released state population estimates for 2013 (up to July 1). Unfortunately, it shows that Maine’s Demographic Winter is still with us as Maine lost 199 residents falling to 1,328,302 in 2013 from 1,328,501 in 2012.

Census will not be releasing their “components of population change” until later in January so we don’t know if this population loss is the result of having more deaths than births and/or greater out-migration. The only other state to lose population was West Virginia.

Neighboring New Hampshire fared better with growth of 1,842 people increasing to 1,323,459 in 2013 from 1,321,617 in 2012. New Hampshire now lags Maine by only 4,843 people. Unlike Maine, New Hampshire still has positive net natural population growth which means the odds are good that they will surpass Maine’s total population in the next few years.

The state that added the most residents in 2013 was, not surprisingly, Texas with growth of 387,397 people.

Overall, this depressing population estimate shows us why Maine’s policymakers must embrace bold new initiatives to fight Demographic Winter. This is why Maine needs Free ME!