Plan to Repeal Gov. LePage’s Tax Cuts is Bad for Maine’s Business Climate

As Mainers reel from the 13 new taxes imposed this year by Uncle Sam, a new plan emerges in the Democratically-controlled legislature that would repeal Gov. LePage’s historic tax cuts–increasing the total number of tax hikes on Mainers to 14. … Continue reading

New Population Projections Paint Grim Demographic Picture

Recently the Governor’s Office of Policy and Management (thanks to State Economist Amanda Rector) released new detailed projections of Maine’s population. As I blogged in “Maine’s Demographic Winter by County,” Maine is now only 1 of 2 states where there … Continue reading

Taxpayers React to Higher Taxes in 2013

Amazingly, there are some people that continue to deny that changes in taxes impact taxpayer behavior. Put simply, if you increase taxes on something you can expect to have less of it. This is straight from the LAW of supply … Continue reading